About Great Rooms

GREAT ROOMS opened their first store for business in Tampa, June 2011 and has quickly become an instant sensation in the community! With the success of our 8 locations, we opened our 9th store in Kissimmee in March 2017. Hundreds of families have already opened new GREAT ROOMS LEASE OWNERSHIP accounts and are enjoying their new furniture, flat-panel TVS, new washers & dryers, and more!

We designed GREAT ROOMS for YOU. GREAT ROOMS specializes in offering thousands of products for your home through our easy-to-qualify GREAT ROOMS Lease Ownership Plan.

At GREAT ROOMS, we know today’s economy is tough on many families, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the really nice things you and your family deserve.

Here is what you can always expect from GREAT ROOMS...

  • No Credit Check (you get a fresh start at GREAT ROOMS!)
  • Free Delivery & Product Set-Up (on every single product we sell or lease)
  • Same Day Approval and Delivery (approvals usually in 10 minutes or so)
  • Free Product Repairs (100% free parts & labor, plus free loaners available)
  • Free On-Time Payment Rewards (money back with your on-time payment)
  • Up to 12 Months, Same as Cash (save hundreds using our "same as cash" options)
  • Generous Early-Purchase Discounts
  • Weekly and Monthly Payment Plans
  • Catalog Special Orders (get exactly what you want!)
  • Student Discounts (10% off computers for all enrolled students)

We are locally owned and operated. Our goal is to offer HIGHER QUALITY products than our competitors. We also strive to get you LOWER PRICES for these products. We pride ourselves in having the HIGHEST APPROVAL RATE anywhere! If friendly service is important to you, we know you are going to love GREAT ROOMS!

Finally, we live and work in your community, and our goal is to become a great community partner! If you have a local charity, youth team, school club, or other Tampa-based organization that needs a hand, please contact us - maybe we can help out!

We look forward to seeing you soon!