How to Choose a Sealy Crib Mattress for Your Nursery

March 1, 2018 4:31:03 PM PST

How to Choose a Sealy Crib Mattress for Your Nursery

Having a baby is obviously a big deal, but preparing for the arrival of your baby can sometimes feel just as overwhelming. For example: How do you even choose a crib or a crib mattress? Aren’t they all the same? The short answer is no. They aren’t all the same. Here are a few simple ways that you should know before you set out to buy a Sealy Mattress for your new baby’s crib:

1. Make sure the mattress fits the crib

While all crib mattresses are designed to fit inside a USA-standard full-size crib, it’s important that you still measure the dimensions for safety reasons. Never purchase a mattress that has more than a 1 ¼” gap between the bed and the crib. This could cause injuries to the baby, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

2. Classic, Natural, and Innovative

The three main types of Sealy mattresses for cribs are classic, natural, and innovative. It’s difficult to decide what’s best when your baby isn’t even there to test it out, but there are a few key features of each that may be of interest to you.

• Classic – Babies are beautiful and messy creatures. With the classic crib mattress, you get a waterproof and easy-to-clean surface so all special liquids, germs and such won’t be lingering.

• Natural – As soon-to-be parents, you want to give your baby a environmentally friendly space, and with the natural crib mattress, your baby will be laying on a mattress made of organic materials and plastic-free covers. Why not save the world while you do what’s best for your baby?

• Innovative – If science can make sleep better for your baby, then we’re in! The more sleep your baby gets, the happier they will be – and you too! From cool gel and airflow-designed cores, your baby will have just the innovative mattress to keep them from getting uncomfortably hot during their rest.

Your baby’s mattress bed may be the key to your sanity when the time comes! Stop into your local Sealy Mattress store to find the best crib mattress for your little one.

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