3 Benefits of a Sealy Foam Mattress

February 21, 2018 9:48:00 AM PST

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Everyone is looking for the best bed out there, but as we’ve learned, there isn’t a one size fits all mattress. Every body is different and requires different support and comfort to give them the best sleep their body has ever felt. Luckily, when it comes to Sealy mattresses, their beds are partially made with memory foam, making them beneficial for most body types. Find out why a Sealy memory foam mattress helps your body and mind rest better all because of its material.

Prevention of Pressure Points

Memory foam is usually denser making it more supportive than other mattresses. This also helps prevent and provide relief for pressure points. When it comes to spring mattresses, your wait pushes down on them and they push up on your back, creating a very uncomfortable and unhealthy sleeping situation. Memory foam mattresses do the opposite and conform to your body so that it create a pressure-free zone for your back.

Motion Isolation

If you placed a glass of water on your memory foam mattress and decided to jump on your bed, the cup should ideally stay still. So, if you are a light sleeper and your spouse tends to move around a lot, a Sealy Memory Foam Mattress bed is for you. The material of the bed is great for absorbing motion so that nothing else on the bed becomes disturbed by that movement.

No more allergies

Foam mattresses are good at deterring allergens. Unlike other mattresses, dust and other allergens won’t easily be able to creep inside your memory foam ensuring you won’t be suffering from cruel allergies while trying to sleep!

Longer Life

The resiliency of a memory foam mattress is almost twice as long as a spring mattress. You won’t need to replace anything and it will never start sagging. Your Sealy Mattress has the durability to keep it’s shape so that you can keep yours! If you’ve never owned a memory foam mattress, it will change your life. Find the right Sealy Memory Foam Mattress at your local Sealy mattress store to get special deals! Rest better knowing your sleeping on a mattress made to prevent and relieve any back pain so that you can sleep soundly.

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