4 Mattress Myths Debunked

October 24, 2017 3:45:50 PM PDT

4 Mattress Myths Debunked

Choosing a Sealy mattress is a big life decision. The mattress you pick to sleep on will affect your health for years to come so it’s understandable why you would want to be choosy. While you think you may know what you need in a mattress bed, the truth is, there is a lot of information to sort through. Taking a step back to figure out the myths from the facts will be helpful for you when contemplating your future mattress buy.

Here are a few myths that we took the liberty of debunking for you:

Myth 1 - A firm mattress is a good mattress


Not all bodies are created the same, therefore not all mattresses are created the same. A firm mattress may provide great support for certain people, but saying it is the one an only that everyone needs is a false statement. Your body needs support, but it also needs a mattress that will conform to your shape.

Myth 2 – You won’t toss and turn as much with the right mattress


We move around in our sleep to relieve our backs from strain and stress as well as alleviate pressure points. Moving around throughout the night is a normal thing, but with the right mattress, the amount you move will be greatly reduced. With less movement, you will be able to get more R.E.M. Sleep!

Myth 3 – Your mattress is no good after 8 years


A mattress doesn’t have an expiration date. It is recommended by the Better Sleep Council to replace your mattress every 7-10 years, but that doesn’t mean you need to. In fact, the life of a mattress is dependent upon the care you give it, how it is slept on, and how often it is rotated. If the mattress is causing you pain after 7-10 years – you should probably scrap it. If you are sleeping like a baby – keep it. Simple as that.

Myth 4 – There should be no problems when you sleep on your mattress for the first time


It takes a little while for your mattress to get used to you so sleeping on it for the first time may not be the greatest experience. If you give it about a month for your mattress to conform to your body, you won’t regret it.

Before purchasing your next bed, ask lots of questions at our Sealy mattress store. We will be happy to differentiate the myths from the facts so you will always know what you are in for.

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